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GP Education Sessions

We offer a professional development programme for local GPs to help improve patient care and foster closer working relationships between the Trust and GPs. Sessions include free study afternoons with our medical specialists on a range of topics relevant to general practice.

28 July 2020

10 June 2020

21 November 2019

  • Introduction by Panos Pantelidis Divisional Manager Infection and Immunity, North West London Pathology
  • Matthew Whitlock, Principle Clinical Scientist, Specialist in Endocrinology: Female Infertility and the Role of the Laboratory
  • Dr Julia Kenkre, Honorary Spr in Metabolic Medicine and NHIR Clinical Research Fellow: Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)
  • Dr Frances Davis: Rise in Carbapenemase Producing Enterbacteriaceae (CPE)
Click here to view the slides from the November 2019 session


21 March 2019

  • Angela Jean-Francois, Operations Director, North West London Pathology
  • Dr Peter Kelleher: Value of allergy tests in the community/ Should I check for Rheumatoid factor and ANA in general practice?
  • Dr Luke Moore: Genitourinary medicine in primary care
  • Dr Alan Courtney: Raised Globulins
  • Dr Abdul Shlebak: Thrombosis diagnosis and management


22 November 2018

  • Dr Mubin Choudhury: Low Sodium
  • Dr Channa Jayasena: Practical tips for investigating male infertility
  • Ms Sophie Barnes: Advantage of FIT over FOB  
  • Dr Simona Deplano: FBC interpretations 
  • Professor Shiranee Sriskandan: Scarlet Fever 


20 April  2018

  • Dr Sophie Barnes: FIT in symptomatic patients
  • Dr Luke Moore: UTI in the age of multi drug resistance
  • Dr Jaimini Cegla: Familial Hypercholesterolaemia
  • Dr Fateha Chowdhury: Haematology dilemmas: to refer or not to refer 
  • Prof. Tricia Tan: Calcium, PTH and Vitamin D case studies



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