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Haematology performs full blood counts and secondary testing to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders. The Haematology laboratories also offer additional tests to identify specific conditions, eg. malaria screening, infectious mononucleosis, and reviewing blood film morphology. The laboratories have access to specialist haematologists to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of complex haematological disorders.

Special Haematology offers screening tests to identify disorders of haemoglobin production, eg. sickle-cell disease and thalassemia. The laboratory participates in the NHS ante-natal screening programme and can arrange for testing for unexplained haemolysis and red cell enzyme studies, eg. G6PD, pyruvate kinase and other rare red cell studies.

Coagulation performs clotting screens for pre-operative and routine cases. Coagulation can provide tests for prognostic markers of deep vein thrombosis and the controlling of anticoagulant therapy. The Special Coagulation laboratories offer investigations of abnormal bleeding and clotting disorders, using the latest analysers and techniques.

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