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Albumin:creatinine ratio (urine)

Test Background
Also known (incorrectly) as microalbumin. Microalbuminuria (trace amounts of albumin in the urine) is an early indicator of diabetic nephropathy and is usually measured as the albumin:creatinine ratio.

Clinical Indications
Diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy in diabetics and high-risk populations, eg. those with essential hypertension.
Gross proteinuria should be assessed using urine protein.

Reference Range

Random:  <3 mg/mmol creatinine

24 hour: <30 mg/24 h

Sample Required
Random urine in universal container (preferred) or 24 hour urine collection (plain)

Sample Volume
Random urine: 0.5 mL or 24 hour urine collection

Turnaround Time

Random urine: 1 day

24 hour urine collection: 2 days

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