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HLA antibody testing

Test Background

HLA antibody testing allows for the detection of antibodies against HLA antigens. Labscreen and Lifecodes products are used for the detection of HLA antibodies and utilises Luminex xMAP Technology.

Clinical Indications

Antibodies directed against HLA antigens can be raised following exposure to non-self HLA by means of transfusion, transplantation or pregnancy. The presence or absence of HLA specific antibodies plays a role in the survival of renal transplant allografts and in the selection of a suitable donor for an individual patient.

In the solid organ post-transplant setting, detection of HLA donor specific antibodies (DSA) is used as an indication of graft survival and used to monitor for antibody mediated rejection.

Antibody testing is also used in the haematopoietic stem cell transplants (HSCT) where the recipient is receiving an HLA mismatched graft. Antibody testing and monitoring can be used pre-transplant to aid donor selection by identifing HLA donor specific antibodies directed towards mismatched antigens.

Sample Required
10 mL Clotted Sample (red top)

Turnaround Time

Please consult the laboratory


Samples must be sent via first class post or courier.

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