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Faecal Immunochemical Testing (quantitative FIT) for Haemoglobin

Test Background

FIT is an immunochemical test for the quantitative detection of occult human haemoglobin in stool samples.

Clinical Indications

The quantitative faecal immunochemical test we offer (OC-Sensor)  is one of the FIT tests recommended for adoption in primary care to guide referral for suspected colorectal cancer in people without rectal bleeding who have unexplained symptoms but do not meet the criteria for a suspected cancer pathway referral outlined in NICE's guideline on suspected cancer (recommendations 1.3.1 to 1.3.3). (NICE DG30, 2017)

Reference Range

0-9 ug/g quoted as NICE Diagnostic Guidance DG30 (2017) recommends a threshold of 10 ug/g

Sample Required
A sample from a formed stool collected in an OC-FIT autosampling collection bottle.

Sample Container
OC-FIT  autosampling collection bottle

Sample Collection
Stool samples should be collected by the patient in the OC sensor sample tube as soon as possible after the stool has been passed, following the instructions provided with the sample container

Specimen can be transport at ambient temperature

Turnaround Time
One week

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