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Primary Hyperoxaluria Genetics

Test Background
The primary hyperoxalurias (PH) are a group of inherited disorders of endogenous oxalate overproduction. Mutations in the AGXT, GRHPR and HOGA1 genes lead to Primary Hyperoxaluria types 1, 2 and 3 respectively. We offer whole gene sequencing of these genes. 

Clinical Indications
Primary hyperoxaluria is characterised by increased urine oxalate, nephrocalcinosis and/or recurrent calcium oxalate renal stones, with renal failure in the most severe cases.

Sample Required
5 ml whole blood EDTA (purple top) or locally extracted DNA
20 mg of well dissected chorionic villus sample

Ship at ambient temperature.

Turnaround Time

Step one test (screening for commonest mutations) 10 days
Whole gene sequencing 28 days

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