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PFA-100 (Platelet Function Analysis)

Test Background

Platelet function is initially assessed using the PFA-100 analyser which offers quantitative assessment of platelet function at high shear as whole blood is forced through an aperture coated with either collagen/epinephrine or collagen/ADP agonists. The test is measured as aperture closure time (CT) in seconds for each COL/EPI and COL/ADP cartridge.

The PFA is sensitive to platelet function defects such as Glanzmann’s Thrombasthaenia and Bernard-Soulier Syndrome as well as disorders of von Willebrand factor, though sensitivity is reduced when VWD Type I is included. Aspirin or aspirin-like platelet defects are associated with a significantly prolonged COL/EPI closure time.

Clinical Indications

Investigation of bleeding phenotype suggestive of possible platelet function disorder
Confirmation of previously diagnosed platelet function disorder

Reference Range

Closure Times:

Collagen/Epinephrine: 75 – 165 seconds
Collagen/ADP: 70 – 120 seconds

Sample Required
4.5 mL sodium citrate (pale blue top) adults 1.8 mL sodium citrate (pale blue top) paediatrics

Turnaround Time
4 hours


Please note: Samples will be rejected if under/over-filled, clotted or haemolysed

Please do not send samples via pod system

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