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Beta-2 Transferrin (Asialo Transferrin, CDT)

Test Background
An asialo form of transferrin is produced in the cerebral parenchyma by lysosomal hydrolysis of the plasma derived protein from a sialic acid residue. Up to 30% of transferrin in lumbar CSF is in this asialo form.

Clinical Indications

?CSF or Fluid.

If a fluid sample is suspected of being CSF, e.g. in possible CSF rhinorrhea, confirmation can be obtained by demonstrating the presence of the asialo band by electrophoresis and immunofixation.

Reference Range

Sample Required
Fresh fluid sample with an accompanying serum sample

Sample Volume
50µl Fluid

Send to lab immediately.

Turnaround Time

1 Week

(Samples are run as soon as possible on receipt to the Protein Lab; usually the same or next working day)

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