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HIV-1 Resistance (Integrase)

Test Background

This HIV-1 Integrase Genotype test is designed to detect mutations associated with resistance to raltegravir dolutegravir or elvitegravir, the only FDA-approved HIV integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs) currently available. These drugs represent a class of antiretrovirals that inhibit the catalytic activity of integrase and thereby prevent formation of the HIV provirus required for viral propagation.

Integrase resistance testing is recommended for patients experiencing virologic failure while taking these integrase inhibitors. It can also be considered as a supplement to standard baseline genotypic resistance testing if transmitted resistance to either drug is suspected.

Clinical Indications

Baseline and/or when failing therapy

Reference Range
Contact Laboratory

Sample Required
EDTA whole blood

Sample Volume

Turnaround Time
14 days


Must have quantifiable HIV-1 viral load.
Sequencing previously performed externally now done in-house

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