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Neutrophil antibodies (granulocyte antibodies)

Test Background
Autoimmune neutropenia (AIN) is a rare condition caused by granulocyte autoantibodies. AIN in children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years is known as autoimmune neutropenia of infancy (ANI). In adult patients, AIN presents can be primary or secondary to other disorders, such as RA, SLE or CLL. Serum is investigated by the indirect granulocyte immunofluorescence (GIFT) and chemiluminescence tests (CLT), using donor granulocytes typed for HNA-1, -2 and -3.

Clinical Indications
Autoimmune neutropenia (AIN) Investigations only indicated if the patient has a neutrophil count < 2.0 x 109/L. For drug-induced autoimmune neutropenia, tests are performed by special request only. Chronic neutropenia is defined as low neutrophil count of <0.5 x 109/L lasting for at least 6 months.

Reference Range

Sample Required
RST (rust top)

Sample Volume
5-10 mL (1 mL serum)

Turnaround Time
28 days

Not currently performed in house; this test is referred to the International Blood Group Reference Laboratory, Filton, Bristol.

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