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Semen Analysis (Diagnostic)

Test Background
Typically, semen consists of a mixture of secretions from several glands within the male genital tract. Only a small (~5 %) volume of the final ejaculate originates from the testis, within which spermatogenesis occurs. Male gametes (sperm) produced within the testis are necessary for a couple to conceive (achieve a pregnancy) and their presence is a determinant characteristic for the assessment of overall fertility status.

Clinical Indications
Investigation of infertility or sub-fertility.

Reference Range

Semen analysis lower reference limits (95% confidence interval) for semen characteristics are taken from the WHO Laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen 5th edition 2010.

Volume 1.5 (mL)
Sperm concentration 15.0 (10*6/mL)
Progressive motility 32 (%)
Sperm Total Motility 40 (%)
Sperm Morphology 4  (% normal forms)

* Sperm Vitality 58 (% Live)
* Semen Viscosity Normal
* pH   >7.2  
* Round cells  1.0 (10*6/mL)
* Leucocytes/uL (Multistix Esterase test) >25-75

* The laboratory is not UKAS accredited for these tests.

Sample Required
A complete fresh ejaculate

Sample Container
Specimens must be collected in a toxicity-tested container provided by the Andrology laboratory

The Andrology department has 3 on site production rooms in which samples can be produced.  Producing your sample in our department allows us to process your sample quickly (it should be tested within 60 minutes of production) and minimises the risk of certain effects on your sample e.g. delay in getting your sample to us or sample be subjected to fluctuations in temperature which will affect results.

Turnaround Time
14 days


The Andrology service is open between the hours of 08.30 and 14.00 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) and operates on an appointments system only.

The laboratory is not UKAS accredited for the following tests:
*Sperm Vitality 58 (% Live)
* Semen Viscosity Normal
* pH   >7.2   
* Round cells  1.0 (10*6/mL)
* Leucocytes/uL (Multistix Esterase test) >25-75


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