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Protein (CSF)

Test Background
Measurement of CSF protein is used to distinguish septic from aseptic meningitis and is also associated with increased permeability of the blood:brain barrier, vasogenic brain oedema, hypercellularity and release of brain-specific proteins during cell death.

Clinical Indications
Protein concentrations >1 g/L are often viewed as diagnostic for bacterial, fungal or tuberculous meningitis.

Reference Range
0-30 days              0.26-1.35 g/L
1-3 months            0.10-0.86 g/L
3-6 months            0.10-0.54 g/L
6months - 16 yrs   0.10-0.44 g/L
> 16 years             0.15-0.45 g/L

Sample Required
CSF in universal container

Sample Volume
0.5 mL

Turnaround Time
1 day

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