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Magnesium (urine)

Test Background
Conditions that interfere with glomerular filtration result in retention of magnesium and, hence, elevation of serum concentrations. Hypermagnesaemia is found in acute and chronic renal failure, magnesium overload, and magnesium release from the intracellular space. Mild-to-moderate hypermagnesaemia may prolong atrioventricular conduction time, while magnesium toxicity may result in central nervous system depression, cardiac arrest and/or respiratory arrest.

Clinical Indications
Differential diagnosis of hypomagnesaemia Diagnosis of apparent hypermagnesaemia due to chronic glomerulonephritis, aldosteronism and drug therapy (ciclosporin, thiazide diuretics)

Reference Range
2.4-6.5 mmol/24 h

Sample Required
24 hour urine collection

Sample Volume
24 hour urine collection

Turnaround Time
2 days

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