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Complement genetics

Test Background
We perform exon sequencing for the following genes: CFHR5, CFH, CFI C3, CFB, CD46/MCP. Variations, such as SNPs or point mutations, are further identified by sequencing.

Clinical Indications
Abnormal findings of complement components or functional complement pathways.

Sample Required
1 x 10 mL (or 2 x 5 mL) EDTA (lavender top) Clearly labelled with the surname, forename and date of birth Record the date the sample was taken on the request form. The sample should be sent in a secure container (at ambient temperature) by first class post (within UK) or by courier (outside UK).

Sample Volume
10 mL

Turnaround Time
90 days


Due to the specific nature of these tests, they must be pre-arranged with a senior scientist (Dr P Pantelidis, Dr A Cox, Ms A Hall) from the Immunology laboratory, who will also supply you with a special request form. The request form can also be downloaded from this link. If there is uncertainty regarding the gene target(s), we recommend that you contact Prof. Matthew Pickering (Professor of Rheumatology, Centre for Complement & Inflammation Research (CCIR))before placing a request

Sequencing previously performed externally now done in-house

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