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Thyroid stimulating hormone receptor (TSHR) antibodies

Test Background
Graves’ hyperthyroidism is caused by autoantibodies to thyrotropin (TSH) receptor (TRab). Measurements of TRab are valuable in the diagnosis and management of Graves’ disease. TRab aids differentiation between Graves’ and toxic nodular goitres. TRab can cross the placenta and it may be important to detect these antibodies in pregnancy to avoid neonatal hyperthyroidism. The assay measures both stimulatory and the less-common inhibitory TSHR autoantibodies but cannot differentiate between them.

Clinical Indications
Indicated for the investigation of thyrotoxicosis and Graves’-affected pregnancy.

Reference Range

<0.4 u/L

Sample Required
RST (rust top)

Sample Volume
5-10 mL (1 mL serum)

Turnaround Time
21 days

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