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Investigation of cold agglutinins

Test Background
Cold agglutinins are autoantibodies that react with antigens on the red blood cell surface. They may induce complement-mediated haemolysis and agglutination (clumping) of red cells (a cryopathic haemolytic syndrome), causing haemolysis and red cell destruction in the reticuloendothelial system or the agglutination of red cells in peripheral cold-exposed vessels leading to vaso-occlusion.

Clinical Indications
This test can sometimes be helpful when a cold autoantibody is suspected, but the diagnosis can often be made from examining a blood film without any complex serological testing.

Reference Range

Not applicable

Sample Required
Contact the laboratory to discuss

Sample Volume
Contact the laboratory to discuss

Turnaround Time
Dependent on clinical requirement. Contact the laboratory to discuss further.


Sample will  be referred to the NHS Blood and Transplant service for testing

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