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Red cell phenotype (to include Rh and K)

Test Background
When an antibody has been identified, the patient's red cells should be phenotyped using a reagent of the same specificity as the assigned specificity. The patient's red cells, as determined during phenotyping, will normally be expected to lack the antigen(s) corresponding to the antibody specificity (specificities) assigned. Once established, this information can be used to select donor red cells that would not initiate a transfusion reaction.

Clinical Indications
To establish the Rh and K red cell phenotype prior to transfusion or in pregnancy.

Reference Range
Contact the laboratory for further information.

Sample Required
EDTA (lavender top)

Sample Volume
4 mL for paediatrics
6 mL for adults

Turnaround Time
Dependent on clinical requirement. Contact the laboratory to discuss further.

May be referred to the NHS Blood and Transplant service for confirmation if necessary.

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