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Results are communicated to clinical staff and are normally not communicated direct to patients either on telephone requests or in written report.

How can I get hold of CPA/UKAS Accreditation information for ICHNT?

The accreditation status for all laboratories enrolled with CPA UK can be found on the CPA website 
If you require copies of our certificates and letters of accreditation please contact us using the Pathology Queries email address.

All Imperial laboratories are currently in the transition phase from CPA to UKAS accreditation. Once the transition is complete each department will be accredited for the assays performed, these are described in the accreditation schedule as published on the UKAS website

There are some assays performed by Imperial Pathology Laboratories that cannot be accredited for the following reasons:
1. The material tested does not come under the scope of the ISO standard 15189:2012 which pertains to the testing of material of human origin.
2. The reagent manufacturer and laboratory may be able to validate the performance of a particular test for some sample types but it is not feasible to validate the test for others because of insufficient data.
3. There may be insufficient mechanisms available for some less commonly performed tests in the form of external quality assurance schemes or independent quality control material to provide evidence to UKAS that the test performance meets the requirements of the ISO Standard.

Where an assay cannot be accredited the following statement will appear in the Notes section of the test information in the Test Directory of the website.
“The laboratory is not UKAS accredited for this test”
 “The laboratory is not UKAS accredited for this test for this sample type.”
See example Pneumocystis (PCP) immunofluorescence


Am I able to request results for my patient to be sent to me by email?

Yes. Please email your request to,


How do I get clinical advice on test results for my patient?

Please contact the Pathology Call Centre during normal working hours on 0203 313 5353. Alternatively, see the Pathology User Guide for how to contact the relevant department.
If advice is not urgent you can also email your query to


How do I add a test request to a sample that has already been sent to the laboratory?

Additional tests may be added by discussion with the relevant laboratory. The time limit for adding additional tests to a sample already received in the laboratory will depend on the type of sample and the department it was sent to.


Where can I find test reference ranges and turnaround times for specific tests?

Information on the repertoire of tests performed by Pathology, including reference ranges, turnaround times and specimen requirements, can be found in the test directory.


When are the routine opening hours for the Pathology Services?

All pathology laboratories provide a routine diagnostic service Monday to Friday 09:00am - 17:00pm (Closing times can be later, all department opening hours are listed here). An emergency service is provided by blood sciences and microbiology 24/7.


Who do I contact for specimen collection queries, such as a courier not arriving on time or samples that have missed regular transport?

If you are experiencing problems with Pathology transport or couriers, please contact the Pathology Call Centre during normal working hours on 0203 313 5353 and your call will be redirected to the appropriate person or department. Alternatively email the Pathology Queries address.


Who should I contact about work experience or placements at ICHNT?

Unfortunately, we have a limited number of work experience or placement posts available. All vacancies, whether permanent posts or work experience and placements opportunities, are advertised on the NHS jobs website.


Where do I go to have my blood taken for testing? How do I find out information about ICHNT Phlebotomy services?

Pathology does not manage the blood tests/phlebotomy services. Please see the ICHNT website for further details


How do I get a price list for tests performed at ICHNT?

Please contact the Pathology Business Services manager, or Tel: 0203 311 7100


How do I set up a new Service Level Agreement with ICHNT Pathology?

Please contact the Pathology Business Services manager, or Tel: 0203 311 7100


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