Imperial Collage Healthcare

The Infection and Immunity group of laboratories provides the diagnostic testing for infectious diseases and immune system disorders.

The services based at the Charing Cross Hospitalsite are:
  • Microbiology, which includes bacteriology, mycology and sexual health screening and Infection and Immunity, including
  • Virology and Microbial Serology
  • Immunology (including molecular)

The services based at the Hammersmith Hospitalsite are:
  • Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics

All areas have an active programme of development and have systems in place to introduce new and updated technologies to improve efficiency and quality in the ever changing areas of science.

Clinical lead for the Infection & Immunity Department: Dr Peter Kelleher B.A. M.B. B.Ch. B.A.O: University of Dublin. M.R.C.P. (Ireland) Ph.D. Pathology: Imperial College University of London FRCPath (immunology);