Imperial Collage Healthcare
The Cellular Pathology diagnostic service comprises the specialities of histopathology, non-gynaecological cytology, cervical screening (as part of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme), haematological molecular diagnostics, haematological cytogenetics and immunophenotyping. Cellular Pathology also provides a mortuary service for the Trust on all the Hospital sites. Annually, the service receives approximately 55,000 histopathology diagnostic requests, approximately 11,000 non-gynaecological diagnostic requests, approximately 72,000 cervical screening requests and 11,000 tests for molecular, cytogenetics and immunophenotyping analysis. The service is supported by more than 130 staff who include pathologists, clinical scientists, biomedical scientists, cytoscreeners, medical laboratory assistants, associate practitioners and clerical staff. The Cellular Pathology service is committed to complying with all relevant legislation and associated relevant codes of practice. The laboratories are accredited by UKAS to ISO15189:2012, hold appropriate licences with the HTA, and aim to deliver a timely, high quality diagnostic and screening service to the Trust and other users of the service.