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The Andrology department at Hammersmith Hospital is part of the Blood Sciences Service specialising in the investigation and diagnosis of male infertility. The laboratory is licenced by the Human Fertility & Embryology Authority (HFEA) as centre 0080, to undertake sperm cryopreservation (long term freezing). This service is available for patients with cancer and patients undergoing fertility treatment.

The laboratory works closely with the Wolfson Family Clinic at Hammersmith Hospital and has established relationships with IVF units in the UK and other countries. 

Shipment of samples for assisted reproductive technologies (ART) can be arranged. The Andrology laboratory provides one of the UK’s only dedicated male fertility clinics offering services such as microsurgical testicular sperm extraction (mTESE) and testicular mapping. These services are led by Dr. Channa Jayasena PhD MRCP FRCPath (Consultant in Reproductive Endocrinology).

Our laboratory assesses the number, motility and appearance of sperm in fresh ejaculate and forms part of preliminary fertility investigations.  We also perform Post Vasectomy semen analysis. 

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