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Cardiolipin antibodies

Test Background
These autoantibodies are directed against cardiolipin, a phosphorylated polysaccharide ester of fatty acids found in cell membranes. They are associated with immune-mediated illnesses such as antiphospholipid syndrome, vasculitis, Behçet’s syndrome, idiopathic spontaneous abortion and SLE. They are thought to be associated with a hypercoagulable state. Cardiolipin antibodies can often be observed during the convalescent phase of acute bacterial and viral infections, and in individuals with syphilis. These infection-induced antibodies are usually transient and are not associated with an increased risk of clinical complications. In general, all patients who test positive should be retested after 6 to 8 weeks to rule out transient antibodies that are usually of no clinical significance.

Clinical Indications
Assessment and diagnosis of: vascular thrombosis and/or recurrent fetal loss thrombocytopenia heart valve disease nephropathy and neurological disease.

Reference Range

Sample Required
RST (rust top)

Sample Volume
5-10 mL (1 mL serum)

Turnaround Time
7 days. Additional confirmatory tests: 14 days.

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