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T-cell receptor (TCR) gene rearrangement

Test Background
TCR gene rearrangement is one of the tools in a panel of tests to diagnose a suspected lymphoma. This test can help to establish cell lineage and cell sub-types that could be used as prognostic indicators.

Clinical Indications
Gene rearrangement can be used in the initial stages of the diagnosis of T-cell malignancies. Of particular importance is the ability to distinguish between a benign lymphadenopathy and a malignant lymphoma, as the two are addressed by different treatment pathways. Better treatment pathways can be agreed by determining the lineage of the cells involved in leukemia and lymphoma, and by detecting any minimal residual disease or a recurrence of disease.

Sample Required
Blood or bone marrow in EDTA (lavender top) within 72 hours of collection

Sample Volume
10-20 mL

Should reach the laboratory within 72 hours of collection

Turnaround Time
10 working days

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