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FFPE tissue cytogenetic investigation

Test Background
Fluorescence in situhybridisation (FISH) tissue-based cytogenetic investigations are performed for patients with tumours, using formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples that have already been turned into wax blocks and used by Histopathology for diagnosis.

It is possible to use thin tissue sections from these wax blocks to examine a range of malignancies at a molecular level.

Clinical Indications
This is an expanding service and, at the moment, the following malignancies can be tested: non-small cell lung cancer oligodendroglioma lymphoma solid tumours

Sample Required
It is possible to submit a wax block containing a representative portion of the tumour, the laboratory will then cut as many sections as it requires from this block.It is also possible to send unstained slides instead of the wax block. Please contact the Cytogenetics department on 0203 313 1503/8 (offices) or 2169 (laboratory).

Turnaround Time
• Urgent referrals (acute leukaemia and CML) 95 % should be reported within 14 calendar days• Rapid test by FISH 95 % should be reported within 3 working days• Routine referrals 95 % should be reported within 21 calendar days

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