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Iron (urine)

Lab Code : FEU

Test Background
Iron is present within the body in the porphyrin complex, haem and iron storage proteins. Excess iron is usually caused by hereditary haemochromatosis. Toxicity by poisoning is now less common, but may occur due to ingestion, eg. accidental ingestion of iron tablets or industrial exposure.

Clinical Indications
Estimation of iron stores Diagnosis of iron storage diseases Measurement of urinary iron excretion during chelation therapy can help optimise the dosage

Reference Range
<1 μmol/24 h

Sample Required
Random urine or 24 hour urine collection

Sample Volume
Random urine: 2 mL or 24 hour urine

Turnaround Time
2 weeks

Increased concentrations can be seen in haemochromatosis and proteinuria.

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