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Anti-Mϋllerian hormone (AMH)

Test Background
AMH can be used to assess ovarian reserve and has the advantage that, compared with FSH, inhibin A/B and ultrasound antral follicular count, levels are relatively unaffected by the menstrual cycle and typically show low intra-individual variation. With respect to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), AMH has been used to rationalise treatment regimes in controlled ovarian stimulation, thus reducing risk of hyper-stimulation (OHSS) and often reducing treatment costs.

Clinical Indications
Assessment of appropriate stimulation regimes in ART Risk mitigation of OHSS in fertility treatment Occasionally used in differential diagnosis and monitoring of ovarian tumours

Reference Range

Adult males 10.2 – 82.8 pmol/L

Adult females
AMH levels decline with age and interpretation is therefore most appropriately made by the fertility specialist requesting the test and in conjunction with the antral follicle count.

The following is a general guide
pmol/L                Fertilitypotential
<4.9                   Reduced
4.9-16.2              Normal
>16.2                 High

Sample Required
Serum (red top) or (gold top) or lithium heparin plasma (green top)

Sample Volume
0.5 mL

Turnaround Time

3 Days

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