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Albumin:creatinine ratio (urine)

Lab Code : MA, ACR

Test Background
Also known (incorrectly) as microalbumin. Microalbuminuria (trace amounts of albumin in the urine) is an early indicator of diabetic nephropathy and is usually measured as the albumin:creatinine ratio.

Clinical Indications
Diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy in diabetics and high-risk populations, eg. those with essential hypertension.
Gross proteinuria should be assessed using urine protein.

Reference Range
<3 mg/mmol creatinine 24 hour: <30 mg/24 h

Sample Required
Random urine in universal container (preferred)or 24 hour urine collection

Sample Volume
Random urine: 0.5 mL
or 24 hour urine collection

Turnaround Time
Random urine: 1 day24 hour urine collection: 2 days

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