Imperial Collage Healthcare

Atypical pneumonia screen

Test Background
Antibody tests for a range of organisms which cause respiratory infections. The range of tests performed will depend on the clinical information received.

Clinical Indications

Please give detailed clinical information, including date of onset/contact with the suspected infection
Requests will be processed only if it is clearly specified on the request form, or on the electronic request, that the onset of symptoms was at least 10 days prior to date of sample collection. Where there is no indication of the above, the serum will not be processed but stored only.

Reference Range
Significant antibody titres will be greater than 16 or 32, depending on the infective agent. If sufficient clinical information is received, interpretative comments may be given.

Sample Required
RST (rust top)

Sample Volume
5 mL

Turnaround Time
7 days

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