Imperial Collage Healthcare
06 November

Diagnostic Cloud Project

The Pathology Laboratories are working with the CCGs on an exciting new project to improve the quality and availability of results. We are preparing a Business case to make an exciting new product Sunquest Open net available to all our GPs. This will enable GPs to access results on their patients when it is requested and processed by any of the acute Trusts or CCGs across North West London. If Funding is identified it is anticipated that this project will be launched during the summer 2014.


A crucial part of this project is ensuring that all patients’ results are available and that GPs have access to the product. This will involve installing the Sunquest ICE order communications solution in all GP practices from summer 2014.  This will reduce the time it takes to order Pathology requests as the patient information will be downloaded directly from the GP system. As a result the data quality will improve, ensuring that all results go back to the correct GP practice, and that it is possible to access results ordered within the hospital.


Whilst there will be benefits for our current OCS (tQuest) users if they choose to switch we will initially concentrate on practices who do not currently have Order Communications.

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