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16 July

Next Phase in Developing Charing Cross Hub

ICHNT Blood Sciences (Chemistry and Haematology)re-organisedthe  provision of the Laboratory services to General Practitioners, with all tests being Centralised at Charing Cross from July 16th.    This centralisation has resulted in a need for harmonisation of some test profiles and provides the opportunity to apply NHS London recommendations.


These Profiles now apply


Renal profile – Na, K, creatinine and eGFR

U&E profile  -  Na, K,  creatinine, urea and eGFR

LFT profile- ALT, ALP, Bilirubin, Albumin, Total protein, globulin


Urea is available to be requested individually or as part of an order if required.


The Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) will now be performed on 4.5 mL EDTA purple top vacutainer tubes. If ordered in conjunction with a Full Blood Count, then one primary tube will be sufficient for both tests providing there is a minimum volume of 2.5 mL drawn into the tube. The tube must therefore be more than half full to accomplish both tests, however this will remove the necessity to draw a Black Top T-Shaped ESR Tube, which will no longer be required. Please note that further additional tests that are also processed on Purple Top EDTA tubes such as Malaria Parasite screening, Haemoglobin Electrophoresis or Infectious Mononucleosis screening can also be performed on the same single tube, providing the tube is adequately filled to the 4.5 mL mark. This will benefit your patients by reducing the number of tubes that are required for routine screening tests and reduce the overall volume of blood drawn.


Please note that the reference range for the ESR test will change very slightly in accordance with the new methodology. The new reference ranges are as follows:


Male                      0 – 10 mm/hr (previously 0 – 9 mm/hr)

Female                 1 – 12 mm/hr (previously 0 – 16 mm/hr)



In addition please note the following:


The Gold top SST tubes will change from a fill volume of 3.5ml to 5ml.

The fax number for supplies will change to 020 331 35596


We do not anticipate any changes to the collection times of your samples, and by utilizing our automated laboratories at Charing Cross we anticipate improvements in Turn around times.


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