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01 February

Biomedical Scientists Awarded Queens Medal

Imperial Biomedical Scientists have been awarded with the Queen's ebola medal

Following Public Health England’s appeal to recruit volunteers for UK funded diagnostic laboratories in Sierra Leone, a number of Biomedical Scientists from the Infection & Immunity Sciences department within Pathology at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust spent time in West Africa helping staff the Public Health laboratories.

The staff were awarded their medals by the Trust chief executive in January.

 Dr Tracey Batten, chief executive at the Trust said:

“I am proud of the role our staff played in tackling Ebola in Sierra Leone. Using their NHS experience, they selflessly took on a potentially life threatening challenge to help those in great need, and ultimately help to defeat the spread of Ebola.

“I am delighted to be able to present Queen’s Ebola Medal to all of them for their life-saving work.”

For further details see the Imperial Website news

Biomedical scientists David Anti, Raymond Ofori, Maxwell Al-Hassan, Nita Fatania and Vicki Heath featured below with Tracey Batten.

Biomedical scientists  Lisa Simmonds and Liliana De Carvalho also received medals.

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