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02 July

Prestigious award for Imperial Pathology Professor

Congratulations to Professor Waljit Dhillo who has been awarded a NIHR Research Professorship

The Professorships aim to fund leaders in the early part of their careers to lead research, to promote effective translation of research ('bench to bedside [T1] and 'campus to clinic' [T2]) and strengthen research leadership at the highest academic levels. NIHR Research Professorships are prestigious awards for researchers who have an outstanding record of clinical and applied health research, and its effective translation for improved health.
The posts aim to: Enable outstanding early career academics to spend a fixed 5 year period dedicated to translational (T1 or T2) research at Professorial level; Facilitate strong research leadership and develop research capacity in areas critical to accelerating the transfer of research ideas into improved health.

Four NIHR Research Professorships were awarded this year
including Professor Waljit Dhillo - Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre
Research Area – Experimental Medicine & Endocrinology
Project title: Using hormones to improve reproductive health
Disorders of reproductive health affect millions of patients worldwide. The hormones kisspeptin and neurokinin B have recently been identified as potential novel targets for the treatment of infertility and menopausal flushing, respectively. My programme of work aims to develop novel treatment protocols based on kisspeptin and neurokinin B to treat patients with disorders of reproductive health.

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