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14 May

AMH Assay Change

On 5th May 2015 the method for anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) changed from a manual ELISA method (Beckman AMH Gen 2) to an automated immunoassay (Roche). This enables a faster turn-around time of 3 days to be achieved for this test.

Method comparison has shown that results for AMH have a proportional 20% decrease compared to the previous assay.

New reference ranges are as follows:
Adult males: 10.2 – 82.8 pmol/L

Adult females:
AMH levels decline with age and interpretation is therefore most appropriately made by the fertility specialist requesting the test and in conjunction with the antral follicle count. The following is a general guide:

For further information or queries about this test please contact Dr Emma Walker, Consultant Clinical Biochemist for the specialist endocrinology service:

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