Imperial Collage Healthcare
17 December

Pathology Call Centre - New email results service

Following an update to our systems we are now able to send results to the requesting clinician or patient’s GP on request via email from the Pathology call centre. This service is in addition to the current electronic results transfer to electronic systems.

Should you wish to request an email result you can email a request to;

To help us find the required results the request must include:

•          Patient’s full name

•          Date of Birth

•          NHS or Hospital number.

•          The results required

•          Date sample was taken

Results can also be sent electronically by fax with the updated system. Should you wish the results returned to you by fax, please use a fax number we have already verified as a safe haven.

We can email to any address, however note, if the address is not an NHS.Net account the results will be encrypted by the Trust’s WatchGuard Service. Encrypted results are sent with instructions as to how to unencrypt results.



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